Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cosmic Cookies

#024 - Consciousness is the Software of the Universe. It is the Invisible Essence or Feeling Information of the Universe or Creation. Consciousness is the Software Information Program or the Free Thought Structure that is produced by all Universal Inhabitants in Concert. The visible and invisible Aspects of the Universe are the Products of this Free Thought Structure. Each Thinking Entity... is the Director and Creator of this Universal Software. The God in Man is the Programmer. WE CREATE OUR OWN HELL AND HEAVEN

#262 - All my Lives are but different Dreams. Since my Dreams are perceived as Real I forget that I am dreaming. Great God and Creator within me let me awaken to the Reality of Light I truly am. Great God and Creator within me awaken the World to the Awareness that Peace and Love are the Result of Understanding. A LACK OF LOVE... IS A LACK OF UNDERSTANDING

#526 - Life is a game Consciousness or Mind plays. We are this Consciousness or Mind. All long as we enjoy the game we play we learn from it and life is fulfilling. When the game we play begins to bore us we change to another game. When we play a certain game others follow us because of the way we play. This means that those who follow have not learned to play their own games. ALL GAMES EVENTUALLY AWAKEN US TO GREATER GAMES

#527 - Life is EveryThing. Everything is absolutely Real. Life is Truth - We are Truth. In the mean time... All Realness is a grand Illusion. This is the Paradox of Life. Why do we subject ourselves to Illusions? We do this because we are the Realness of Life. We have nothing else to do! We do not come to Earth to be safe or saved. Nothing can happen to us. We are The Light - We are The Truth. We come to Earth to experience Human Life. During this Life we learn that we are The Truth. To learn that this is so takes what we call time. Time is an aspect of Human Illusion. ALL OUR ILLUSIONS ARE VIRTUAL REALITIES THAT ARE REAL

#549 - Most People think that they are their Body. They have given certain Qualities to their Body. If one has enough good qualities one is looked up to. When we understand that all People and their Bodies are but Actors in a Cosmic Performance that has been orchestrated by the All-Mind we understand that there are no good or bad people. There are only Actors playing their Role. The entire Universe is a Stage. WELCOME TO THE SHOW

Source: Cosmic Cookies by Geradus' Grist

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