Sunday, May 6, 2007

Daily Re-minder

I ask that spirit walk with me this day and that I have the courage to carry this truth within me in all that I do.
To fully stand in my own truth and power is to honor the spirit within.
Help me today to re-member both who I am and who I am not.
Who I am is magnificent, yet to carry a facade of who I am not only detracts from that magnificence.
To accept the truth of my own limitations, clears the path to carrying my true power.
I know that holding my power is only possible when I am not afraid of being vulnerable.
This day I will balance my ego by checking it often and see my true motivations.
I accept the power that is rightfully mine and will to use it to create Home on this side of the veil.
I ask that I may allow spirit to emanate from me to all who choose to look upon me,
that I may be a perfect mirror so that they may see the God within themselves.
Help me to touch their hearts with my love and allow them to re-member home and who they really are as I re-member who I am.
As spirit walks with me this day I remember to give thanks for the gift of spirit on my shoulder.
May I always use it to the highest good of all concerned.
I vow to enjoy this day to its fullest and to laugh at every opportunity.
This day I will play the wonderful Game and I will carry the vibrations of Home in every move on the Gameboard.
This day I will Re-member.


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