Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Ontologer's Pen

In these monthy articles I try to challenge you and me to look at what we believe and how our beliefs affect our day to day living. For instance, how you think of your God directly affects how you interact with people and how you live your life. A person whose God belief is one that says God is "up there in Heaven" and is angry and ready to get even for any small infraction of the rules is usually a person who is very righteous and afraid and quite often very judgmental and isolated from other people. A person whose God belief is that God is pure love expressing through all things treats people and the things of the world with reverence and respect and feels a oneness with all life. Being environmentally conscious is second nature to this person.

One goal I have is to challenge you and me to change our viewpoint and stop accepting violence in all of its forms just because we've been taught that's the way it has always been. I don't know about you, but I was never given equal opportunity to study a non violent way of life and its rewards and pitfalls. Instead I have been taught nothing but threats, war, violence, and veiled violence. But surely there must be a better way.

When I get lost in this kind of question I turn to my friend and teacher, Jesus. I read His words and listen to how they sound in my head and heart. His teachings that I can understand, and that reverberate through my body, I put into use. I am learning about defenselessness. Little by little I am practicing defenselessness more each day. When I find myself resisting anything, I stop and take a deep breath, let go, and stop resisting. Surprising things happen. Events take place very quickly that change the direction of the action or the event in question, usually in a direction I would never have imagined. And it works out for the good of all concerned.

Defenselessness leads to forgiveness. I read recently that forgiveness is your only path to your God. That's a pretty strong statement and one that bears investigation. My mind says, "Just a minute, prayer and meditation are the paths to God." Well, let's look at that.

If I am harboring a grievance or anger toward someone, what kind of prayer time will I have? Prayer and meditation are our connection time with our God. Our God does not come down to our level of upset and misery, we must raise our consciousness to meet our God. In my world, my God knows no anger, no fear, only love. If I come to my God full of anger and resentment, there will be no connection.

With my basket full of misery and upset I can't even get out of my own way let alone allow myself to love God enough to connect with Him. After all, I'm too busy being righteous and indignant and hurt and wanting to get even. Have you ever watched a friend or neighbor be upset and angry about something? They won't let it go and they keep getting more upset. You stand back and watch, amazed at the intensity of their anger and righteousness. You can see that they are just keeping themselves upset and unhappy. Have you ever watched yourself do that?

Imagine that you are the Creator, maker of all the galaxies, the stars, the moons and planets, all of life in all of its exquisite forms. There you are living in all the immense beauty of your creation and this human wants you to get involved in how offended she is because Aunt Sally didn't send a thank you note. All the Creator sees is the true beauty of you and Aunt Sally, and knows nothing of your temperamental demands.

Righteousness, indignation, hurt feelings, demands, anger, judgment, hatred, are all expressions of fear. But the Creator knows nothing of fear. What would the Creator fear? When you are the power and beauty of Creation there is no fear, only love.

If I want to approach my God, the Creator, I want to go with a gift in my hands, the gift of love, the gift of gratitude for each day of being alive. It is a gift of wonder and awe. When I am full of resentment, irritation, and anger, I find it very difficult to be grateful, full of wonder and awe, to give thanks for being alive. That's where forgiveness comes in. I can choose to be offended, resentful, or angry or I can just let it go. I can forgive, I can look past the perceived offense and let it be. Who is affected by my decisions? I am.

All prosperity comes from the Creator and it is filtered into my life through my consciousness, my thoughts, emotions, feelings, and beliefs. What kind of prosperity do I have when I am filled with resentment and anger? Do I see things and people to appreciate and love, or is my attention focused on what is wrong? Do I see all of the wonderful opportunities placed before me to increase my richness of life?

If you are looking to expand your financial prosperity in the new year, wonderful ways to do just that are passing through your life daily. Because of your unforgiveness of the past, your present perceptions are distorted and cloudy and you miss your opportunities. Can you see how defenselessness and non resistance enter in here? If I am busy fighting, defending and resisting anything, I am giving my attention to what I am resisting. When will I have the opportunity to see the wonderful gifts that are being given me moment to moment?

It may be that you are so caught up in your righteousness that you cannot fathom what I am talking about. Your anger, fear, resentment, vengefulness, are totally blocking you from hearing your own inner self trying to get you to forgive and let it all go.

What is the cost of anger, resentment, getting even? Your health, dollars, relationships, peace of mind and heart, your creativity, joy. Need I go on?
I cannot make your decision for you, I can only look at myself and ask myself this question when I want to be right instead of happy. "Bob, is this upset really worth giving up your health, happiness, dollars, and joy?"

Author: Reverend Robert K. Eagan
Publication: Unity Center Gazette ~ January 2008   [Article posted w/permission]

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