Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Game of Earth Life

"Amazing Adventure Game of Earth Life"

RULE #1 - Don't do ANYTHING that DOES NOT bring you Love, Peace & Joy. (Even if other players do.)

- Do EVERYTHING that DOES bring you Love, Peace & Joy. (NOTE: You may find joy in things other players do not. Be careful not to let other players trick you into letting them decide what joy is for you.)

- If you are on a road that DOES NOT bring you Love, Peace & Joy - move to a road that DOES. (Remember that there are freeways, turnpikes, one way streets, dead ends, hair pin curves, roads that don't go anywhere, and some that aren't even on the map! If you can't find a road you like, you are always free to make a new one.)

- There are many ways to play the game of Earth Life. Your only concern is how YOU play the game. Never force your way on another player, and only give directions, or repeat the rules to other players WHEN ASKED.

Cheaters never win in this game and are ALWAYS brought back to the beginning to start the game over. THE PLAYER WHO CAN MOVE THROUGH LIFE & FIND LOVE, PEACE & JOY IN EVERYTHING is declared THE WINNER!!!

Players who make a game out of this game usually get more creative, have more fun; and win easier than players who take this game too seriously.

Good Luck

Author: "Rule Sheet" created by Laura Lee, 1993

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