Saturday, March 24, 2007

Vision of Windwalker

Windwalker Listens
These are the words that Grandfather gave to Windwalker while on vision quest, in the Moon of Harvest, as he was sitting and listening for Grandfather's voice as the sun rose in the East, while watching from the top of the knoll in the center of the old ranch where Windwalker grew up....

"There is nothing to fear, absolutely nothing to fear."

As Windwalker continued to watch the sun rise to its highest, facing South....
"You must find a new focus, a new vision, for this is the day of life for all, a new beginning, a new paradigm, that none has seen before. It has its own problems and its own solutions."
Windwalker watched the sun through the afternoon and evening as it approached the horizon, setting behind the mountain to the West....
"You cannot go back, you must go forward. You can use the wisdom of the past as it applies to this day which I have given you. The wisdom that you have gained today from the use of past wisdom will give new wisdom to be used tomorrow."
With the setting of the sun in the West, the wind chilled and shifted from the North. Windwalker turned to face it. These are the words of Grandfather, spoken loudest of all, that all the world could hear....
"You have listened to the coyotes, the greed of the priests, the shamans, the politicians, the bankers and the merchants, instead of listening to my Voice, to Me, the ONLY ONE who always speaks the Truth. They, the coyotes, have made myths and fables and lies to frighten, to tempt and to control you."
'You must rid yourself of ALL these old untruths, for they have kept you captive, fragmented and separated from Me and from Yourselves."... -continue here-

Windwalker Speaks
We humans sometimes get so confused by the restrictive domination based 'social sciences' and 'social architects' that would attempt to control us, that we think our planet is in danger of destruction.
In a world that is run in cyclic perfection by a Creator of Infinite Wisdom, such thinking doesn't really equate. The universe would have been a giant junkpile billions of years ago if one atom could stray outside of law. Who do we think we are that we would be allowed to endanger other nearby worlds and life forms with our petty stupidity and ill directed sciences? Having choice, we humans will be allowed to wreck our own small 'universes' and civilizations, but hardly our home planet Earth. What we have is a world full of struggling souls who still think that they are their bodies and the world around them is the whole of reality. Our egos often run our thinking to the exclusion of our higher awareness and intelligence.
Shakespeare probably put the situation in perspective as well as anyone, when he pointed out that life is only a play and we are all simply playing out continual roles. Since the time we lost our 'instinct' in the allegorical 'Garden of Eden' we have been cursed with an imperfect intelligence and constant CHOICE. Through continual trial and error our higher components learn the outcome of our choices. When we destroy and take the choice from others, we suffer what the ancients called 'karma'. We get a taste of what we dished out so that we can later inwardly know what is 'right' and 'wrong'. This 'law of karma' comes automatically when the higher level 'choice' laws are broken. Karma is the one inviolate law of our Universe and Creator. Higher Level CHOICE is the exact opposite to the system of domination that has remained in place for thousands of years over Earth's people. We must learn to make Fully Responsible Higher Level Choices for the loving benefit and Freedom of Choice for All Mankind... -continue here-

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Image: "The Vision Seeker" by Josephine Wall
Image: "Return of the White Eagle" by Jody Bergsma

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